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tissue / ткань, сплетение, паутина
имя существительное
tissue, textile, cloth, fabric, web, material
plexus, tangle, web, interlacement, tissue, rete
web, cobweb, spiderweb, net, tissue, spider's web
ткать дорогую шелковую ткань
имя существительное
any of the distinct types of material of which animals or plants are made, consisting of specialized cells and their products.
inflammation is a reaction of living tissue to infection or injury
tissue paper.
an intricate structure or network made from a number of connected items.
such scandalous stories are a tissue of lies
What was said was a tissue of lies - most particularly, when I was not here to defend myself.
Quickly she left the room to go search for a clean tissue to wipe the cut.
They've uncovered some of the tissue of evasions and deceptions.
The case against them, as this book makes clear, is a tissue of lies.
For example, brain and hematopoietic stem cells give rise only to neural tissue and blood cells, respectively.
such scandalous stories are a tissue of lies
Either it has been replaced with scar tissue or the cells have been damaged.
Did you also know that you can't believe anything you read in the press, because it is all a tissue of lies?
Because I didn't have a handkerchief or a tissue of any kind, I wrapped the bottom of my shirt around my hand and wiped his eyes.
In fact, even using a handkerchief or a tissue at the table to blow, rather than to blot discreetly, would be offensive.