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tirade / тирада
имя существительное
tirade, expatiation
имя существительное
a long, angry speech of criticism or accusation.
a tirade of abuse
If one were to summarise that speech, one would have to say that it was characterised by a tirade of abuse.
Walking to the station this morning I was shocked out of my daydreams by a tirade of four letter abuse.
To read a tirade of abuse like this can only add to that trauma and make Nadia's bravery and eventual victory all the more commendable.
These complaints were not the normal tirade of abuse and insults we receive but seemed genuine.
If we opened our mouths we couldn't utter more than a couple of words before the tirade of abuse began again.
The stranger braced herself for a tirade of abuse, but to her surprise, when the noblewoman arrived, it did not come.
Point made, he stops and waits a while and treats me to the inevitable tirade of verbal abuse aimed at the car in the meantime.
So maybe now I am smiling, just to spite this woman and her ridiculous tirade .
a tirade of abuse
It's something of a disappointment when you had been hoping for a tirade of vitriol against humanity.