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tiptoe / цыпочки, кончики пальцев ног
имя существительное
кончики пальцев ног
на цыпочках
on tiptoe, tiptoe
by stealth, stealthily, furtively, tiptoe, on tiptoe
в ожидании
tiptoe, on tiptoe
ходить на цыпочках
tiptoe, creep about on tiptoe, walk on the tips of one's toes
steal, sneak, slink, creep, prowl, tiptoe
walk quietly and carefully with one's heels raised and one's weight on the balls of the feet.
Liz tiptoed out of the room
he admits he has never been one to tiptoe around controversial issues
he admits he has never been one to tiptoe around controversial issues
When we finally got there, after tiptoeing around carefully, Belladonna eased the door open.
Careful not to awaken John, she quietly got out of bed and tiptoed to the kitchen.
She spoke with an accent, ate her rice with a spoon, and tiptoed carefully over puddles.
When Monty is on the tee, some guy in a black jump suit and mask tiptoes out and narrows the fairways, shrinks the cups and puts rattlesnakes in the bunkers.
She tiptoed carefully to the mass of captured men, praying that none of them would wake.
Models tiptoed along in wedge heels and stilettos, and posed in front of giant propeller fans.
She tiptoed quietly to her room down the hall and opened the door; she looked around.
Then I opened it wide enough for us to slide out and tiptoed across the hall to the storage closet.