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tippler / пьяница, выпивоха
имя существительное
drunkard, drinker, boozer, tippler, lush, toper
имя существительное
a habitual drinker of alcohol.
Furtive and nimble tipplers and topers nightly dodged through alleys and back yards under the noses of the flashlamp-carrying guards.
a person who operates or works at a tipple, especially at a mine.
‘By recognizing such a pretence, as a legitimate apology,’ he declared, ‘we authorize the tippler to tipple on.’
Although he was not a ‘habitual tippler ,’ or a rake, or a ‘lying Rogue’ but rather gave the appearance of a refined sensitive man, Sandy had few of the other positive attributes in Monro's list.
This is despite the fact that we pay far more tax on our bottle than the average tippler on the continent.
Drinkers in Bradford are more aware of recommended limits on how much they should drink than fellow tipplers across the rest of the country.
The sun brings some curious sights to the city's streets, such as young folk in beach wear and al fresco tipplers .
They invite other tipplers to join them - at the Railway at 7.30 pm, or the Cock & Bottle at 8pm.
A few knocks on doors, polite people take his literature and then it's into Browne's pub where the welcome from tipplers is warm.
A surveyor and engineer, he built coal tipples and air shafts for the mining industry.
The ‘Virgin Mary’ - with due apologies to the original Bloody Mary - is one mocktail that is popular with most mock tipplers hereabouts.
Amazingly, the tiny watering hole which struggles to host 60 tipplers has raised nearly £4,000 for local charities since last October from its big-hearted drinkers.