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tipper / самосвал
имя существительное
tipper, hopper, tip truck, tip lorry
имя существительное
a person who leaves a specified sort of tip as a reward for services they have received.
he's a big tipper
he's a big tipper
He's a generous tipper and a conscientious citizen who shows up for jury duty when he's summoned.
Ever since I was a waiter I became this really big tipper .
I suspect on average I'd be considered a good tipper .
he's a big tipper
With a cake like that, these won't be big tippers .
I mean, you DO have to keep track of who the big tippers are.
In fact, when he talks about rock stars, big tippers , Sophia Loren, and living the low life on No.4, it makes it easier for the listener to believe he knows whereof he speaks.
She also had a good eye for the big tippers , not that there were many of them here among the locals.
It was a plum job to work on the Flying Scotsman, partly because the Americans liked it and they were big tippers .