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tip-off / намек, предупреждение, конфиденциальная информация
имя существительное
hint, allusion, cue, reference, suggestion, tip-off
warning, prevention, notice, caution, notification, tip-off
конфиденциальная информация
имя существительное
a piece of information, typically one given in a discreet or confidential way.
Criminal investigation officers lay in wait for the delivery people following a tip-off .
a jump ball that begins each period in a basketball game (used especially in reference to the first tipoff of the game).
the news of his injury came just two hours before tipoff
arrests came after a tip-off from a member of the public
I was extremely excited about starting in the season's first basketball game, and I wound up getting the tip-off .
Here are some situations that happen every game, baseline out-of-bounds, tip-off , sideline out-of-bounds, free throws and end game scenarios.
Acting on a tip-off , organised crime investigators recovered the stolen material - mainly steel girders - from three independent dumps last week.
Police have urged residents to keep calling them with information after a tip-off led to an arrest.
Police have re-opened an 83-year-old case of a missing teenage girl following a tip-off from a relative that she may have been murdered.
Criminal investigation officers lay in wait for the delivery people following a tip-off .
Barnes was only found following a tip-off from a member of the public.
The Met police's Anti-Corruption Command arrested the men this morning following a tip-off by BT earlier this year.
The police have pledged to act on all genuine tip-offs .