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tip / чаевые, наконечник, кончик
имя существительное
tip, tips, gratuity, perquisite, douceur, perk
tip, nozzle, cap, point, arrowhead, shoe
tip, point, nib, neb, peak
cant, tilt, lean, bend, tip, incline
надевать наконечник
warn, prevent, notify, anticipate, notice, tip
имя существительное
the pointed or rounded end or extremity of something slender or tapering.
George pressed the tips of his fingers together
a place where trash is deposited; a dump.
Red-faced environment chiefs today pledged there will be no repeat of the Hampshire scandal which saw tons of recyclable waste dumped in rubbish tips .
a pitched ball that is slightly deflected by the bat.
a sum of money given to someone as a reward for their services.
A former agricultural engineer, he makes more money now in tips handing out towels.
a small but useful piece of practical advice.
The nutritionist will provide practical advice and helpful tips on how to eat healthily, lose weight, and work more exercise into our already busy lives.
attach to or cover the end or extremity of.
mountains tipped with snow
(in bookbinding) paste a single page, typically an illustration, to the neighboring page of a book by a thin line of paste down its inner margin.
overbalance or cause to overbalance so as to fall or turn over.
the hay caught fire when the candle tipped over
strike or touch lightly.
I tipped his hoof with the handle of a knife
put the ball in play by throwing it up between two opponents.
The usual teams were picked and Emily quickly gained possession of the ball at tip off .
My tip for the race was a big disappointment.
The cartridge combines a scored full metal nose over an internal rubber tip that collapses on impact.
the northern tip of Scotland
In the end, everyone realises that they don't in fact have enough spare change to be able to pay the exact amount anyway, so the waitress ends up with a much larger tip than her poor service deserved.
It was once a tip where rubbish was piled nearly 12 feet high - but now the Sun Lane nature reserve has won recognition as an environmental success.
The River Niger flows through the country in the extreme south-west, and the northern tip of Lake Chad lies in the extreme south-east.
The rubber tip of her bottle hung from her lips, clenched securely between her young baby teeth.
Because all of them are poor, they tip her with fake money.
Sarah handed the boy the money and a generous tip .
your room's an absolute tip!