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tiny / крошечный, крохотный, очень маленький
имя прилагательное
tiny, wee, tiny little, minute, teensy, teeny
tiny, diminutive, weeny, teeny
очень маленький
tiny, minuscule, minimal, tiny little, piccaninny, pickaninny
имя существительное
маленький ребенок
tiny, tenderling
имя прилагательное
very small.
a tiny hummingbird
Why do we spend so much on things that give us tiny increases in comfort at the expense of so many other people?
If they do then it will revolutionise ideas about how much tiny babies can learn.
We can live crowded together in vast cities or as tiny groups in remote deserts.
This was to be exchanged after six weeks for the coveted, customising tiny diamond.
Is this absence of black some kind of sad rebellion being staged within my tiny mind?
a tiny glass
In different times, we would have known nothing about the tragedy of these tiny lives.
He's painstakingly twisting tiny hoops of iron wire together to form a shirt of mail.
At the time we were doing this small tour of tiny venues around the UK for hardcore fans.
she's so tiny!