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tint / оттенок, тон, краска
имя существительное
shade, tone, hue, tint, color, tinge
tone, sound, color, tune, note, tint
paint, dye, color, flush, stain, tint
слегка окрашивать
tint, touch, tincture, tinge
имя существительное
a shade or variety of color.
the sky was taking on an apricot tint
an artificial dye for coloring the hair.
The orange tint coloured her hair and made her skin look ill, but I recognised her.
color (something) slightly; tinge.
her skin was tinted with delicate color
We are never going to recapture earlier times, of course, and there is a rosy tint to most parents' spectacles.
Other than a haircut and lash tint every two months-ish, that's about it.
Some of his solos have a tint of the classical, but, in addition, he has worked with rock bands.
a tint of glamour
At a very simplified level, hair coloring is all about finding the right amount of color to add or subtract from your current hair tint .
This sent a crack through the ground as the energy, now hinted only by a tint of velvet in the air, rushed forward and connected with Sam, sending him into the far wall.
Jenna was wearing a tint of make up although with her complexion she didn't need it and her hair was done with half her hair up in a topsy tail while the rest hung down the nape of her neck.
A tint of sorrow creeps into my mind as I recall the ‘good old times’ that are gone, never to return.
If there is a tint of humanities in me it's from Underwood family.
a tint of glamour