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tinned / луженый, консервированный, покрытый оловом
имя прилагательное
canned, preserved, tinned, potted, conserved
покрытый оловом
имя прилагательное
covered or coated in tin or a tin alloy.
For the beaded shade, all you need are a couple spools of 20-gauge wire (we used tinned copper) and a bag of cool 5mm beads.
(of food) preserved in a tin can.
tinned fruit
cover with a thin layer of tin.
the copper pans are tinned inside
He said the crew are collecting bottled water, blankets, tinned food, tarpaulins, sleeping bags and net curtains which could be used as mosquito protection, to send out to Asia.
For example, some types of bread, breakfast cereals, biscuits (savoury and sweet), sauces, tinned vegetables and soups can all be high in salt, as well as ready-prepared meals.
We want Daily Echo readers, schools, businesses and church groups to make a difference this Easter by donating crucial food such as breakfast cereal, tinned meat, tea and coffee.
Even then, admits one of the organisers, all the food is tinned because buying fresh fruit and vegetables would overshoot the budget of around £6 per parcel.
The lockable frieze drawer usually contained three tinned compartments with tightly fitting lids in which to store tea and sugar.
The food was tinned military rations, tuna or bully beef.
My plate contained an ample helping of baked beans, two tinned tomatoes, three bacon rashers, two eggs and what I thought were two sausages.
‘My family started off as grocers and sold tinned food, soap, flour and that sort of thing, but that would not be enough these days,’ he said.
She put her longevity down in part to the plain food she had eaten over the years - home grown vegetables, very little tinned food, and nourishing desserts, like steamed puddings.
They collect and deliver donations of canned and packet food such as tinned meat, sausages, spaghetti, beans and fruit.