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tinkle / звяканье, звон колокольчика, телефонный звонок
имя существительное
jingle, tinkle, chink, ting, twangle, ting-a-ring
звон колокольчика
ting, tinkle
телефонный звонок
phone call, ring, buzz, ting, tinkle
ring, clink, jingle, ding, clang, tinkle
tinkle, jingle, clank, chink, ting, tingle
ring, chime, ting, ring up, ring at, tinkle
имя существительное
a light, clear ringing sound.
the distant tinkle of a cowbell
an act of urinating.
I haven't eaten for fourteen hours and it hurts - I'm irritable and hungry: there's a strange taste in my mouth, and my frequent tinkles are as clear as Welsh mountain streams.
make or cause to make a light, clear ringing sound.
cool water tinkled in the stone fountains
And she didn't want the mother to hear her tinkle .
you have to pay to go in for a tinkle
Jane and Anne both made a move for the door, but Therese noticed this, and laughed, which sounded like the tinkle of tiny bells.
I needed to tinkle
It certainly helps to be able to sit in the sun by a wide open window with only the sound of the birds and the occasional tinkle of a cat's bell to be heard.
A shattering tinkle echoes as the ice pieces cover the floor.
I'll give them a tinkle
Somewhere in the distance, probably, sounds the tinkle of sheep bells and the lowing of cows.
The light tinkle of Inger's laughter seemed to fill the small room.
The silence is broken only by the tinkle of a distant cowbell.
All it needs is a tinkle to the Central Reservation Office of AP Tourism and ask for customised tour and a tour hostess to help you finalise your tour according to the interest and time available.