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tingle / покалывание, пощипывание, звон в ушах
имя существительное
tingle, pricking
звон в ушах
tinnitus, tingle
tremble, flutter, thrill, shiver, quiver, tingle
burn, glow, broil, flame, combust, tingle
ring, clink, jingle, ding, clang, tingle
имя существительное
a slight prickling or stinging sensation.
she felt a tingle in the back of her neck
experience or cause to experience a slight prickling or stinging sensation.
she was tingling with excitement
At the moment, all she felt was a slight tingle on the surface of her skin.
As soon as the awe subsides, slightly, the tingle in the back of my neck begins…
Drag your hand across the pennies and feel the tingle .
But if I had so much as a tingle of buyer's remorse it has faded in the face of several joyous afternoons of camera play.
It's very hard to describe my feelings in the short time before the next delivery - an all-over tingle is about the best I can manage.
A tingle tugged at the back of his mind, a slight buzz that most would probably never pay any notice.
The tiniest tingle of tension creeps between her shoulders.
Back then there was a tingle of anticipation: everybody had been away for the summer holidays, people looked a bit older, a bit wiser.
I couldn't resist a tingle of anticipation at Chelsea's reaction.
she felt a tingle in the back of her neck