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tinge / оттенок, привкус, тон
имя существительное
shade, tone, hue, tint, color, tinge
flavor, smack, tinge, odor, spice, suspicion
tone, sound, color, tune, note, tinge
слегка окрашивать
tint, touch, tincture, tinge
придавать оттенок
hue, touch, tinge
имя существительное
a tendency toward or trace of some color.
there was a faint pink tinge to the sky
color slightly.
a mass of white blossom tinged with pink
With oats, the straw would have a slight tinge of green so that, hopefully, it would have a higher feeding value and also be more palatable.
Unlike the stuffed one I saw originally, which had yellowed with age, the Nile Perch is silver in colour with a blue tinge .
The Ouse has been at a steady level for most of the week and still carries a tinge of colour and flow.
He even provides the film with a slight tinge of laid-back silly humour at times.
Chase leaned back on the backrest of the dark brown wooden bench and rested his arms over it because of a slight tinge of exhaustion.
Though, as often, this fine stoicism has a slight tinge of the press-release, his grateful admirers can only agree.
He could not help but feel the slightest tinge of frustration.
there was a faint pink tinge to the sky
It took another moment for her to answer, and when she did, her voice held the slightest tinge of anger.
She was thinking twice now… with the slightest tinge of regret.