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tinfoil / станиоль, оловянная фольга
имя существительное
foil, tinfoil, silver paper
оловянная фольга
tinfoil, silver paper
покрывать фольгой
имя существительное
foil made of aluminum or a similar silvery-gray metal, used especially for covering or wrapping food.
Chill the whole cake for 24 hours or - if you intend to freeze it - cover tightly with tinfoil , then plastic wrap and freeze at this stage.
It arrived quite literally in a blaze of glory, wrapped in tinfoil with flames spurting out of the top, looking for all the world like my mum's finest Christmas pudding.
A leaf skittering on the sidewalk sounded like tinfoil .
An environmentally aware school which has completely banned clingfilm, tinfoil and crisps has already cut its daily waste by more than half.
My fists clenched, taking the metal bench with them, smashing the metal together like a piece of tinfoil .
The bodies and instruments were formed out of paper, tinfoil , foil-backed paper and dowel rods.
Under the brown wrapping paper was two layers of tinfoil covering a wooden box.
You get equipped with a decoder ring, walkie talkie watch, secret handshake and some tinfoil to wear on your head.
Store in an airtight container, or wrapped in tinfoil in the fridge.
Served in a double-lined package of greaseproof paper and tinfoil , it had the look of a Christmas present for a cat.
Slice tomatoes (big chunks work best) and set them also on tinfoil .