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tinea / опоясывающий лишай, тинеа
имя существительное
опоясывающий лишай
shingles, tinea, zoster, zona
It's not a fun topic, but your feet can suffer from a variety of fungal infections that are a form of tinea , or ringworm.
The medical name for ringworm of the scalp is tinea capitis; ringworm of the body is called tinea corporis; and ringworm of the nails is called tinea unguium.
The treatment consisted of broad-spectrum antibiotics, pain medication, and, of course, antifungal cream for the tinea .
Tinea corporis refers to tinea anywhere on the body except the scalp, beard, feet, or hands.
Ringworm is a highly contagious fungal disease like tinea that is totally preventable and treatable with persistent home care.