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tinder / трут, сухое гнилое дерево
имя существительное
tinder, spunk, touchwood, punk, amadou
сухое гнилое дерево
имя существительное
dry, flammable material, such as wood or paper, used for lighting a fire.
The teenage pyromaniacs experimented with different fuel sources, different sorts of fats (some very smelly) and oils, moss, dry rotten wood and home baked tinder using a cotton handkerchief.
He got out his tinder and after a few moments a merry fire was burning.
Pine needles greatly increase the flammable surface area of these trees, making ideal tinder for rapid ignition.
Often, the tundra is like tinder and a badly tended fire can created havoc with pasture for musk ox, deer and reindeer.
The tinder is there for rebellion to catch fire across British society.
From this small piece of tinder the conflagration arose: word spread that the cartridges were part of a wider British plot to convert the entire subcontinent to Christianity.
In forests that by nature burn lightly and frequently, putting out every fire can leave tinder to build up and fuel a much greater conflagration.
The heated, heady campus milieu provides tinder for explosive debates in which more than mere politics is at stake.
He cleaned the waterfowl expertly and made a fire with a box of tinder and a collection of dried sticks on the flat top of an exposed boulder embedded into the earth.
Political tinder is spread all around the landscape, but who will strike the match?
In the same way as a magnifying glass can be used in bright sunlight to set fire to dry tinder , sound energy can be focused and used to raise temperatures to the point at which the cells will die.