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timing / расчет времени, синхронизация, расписание
имя существительное
расчет времени
synchronization, timing
schedule, timetable, table, timing, syllabus, sked
имя существительное
the choice, judgment, or control of when something should be done.
one of the secrets of golf is good timing
plan, schedule, or arrange when (something) should happen or be done.
the first track race is timed for 11:15
measure the time taken by (a process or activity, or a person doing it).
we were timed and given certificates according to our speed
(of a computer or a program) cancel an operation automatically because a predefined interval of time has passed without a certain event happening.
Unfortunately some customers were timed out of the website and found that when they attempted to continue with their transaction, the six-digit code was no longer valid.
The path to South America was open for so long that timing is not really an issue.
We seek some guidance from the Court in relation to the timing of tomorrow and I want to mention one other matter.
The timing of his remarks, so close to Gordon Brown's pre-Budget statement tomorrow, is telling.
The cylinder timing was on but a bit slow on a couple of the stops, but it was still on and working.
The judge had no option to sentence to death for murder and no control over the timing of the execution unless he ordered a respite.
While you may be pulling off various crazy tricks, they all require good timing and excellent control.
The timing in the scenes is close to perfection, as is the balance of the supporting characters.
Having stressed the importance of timing , the need to read the questions carefully must also be highlighted.
Above all this he seems to have a sense of timing , of occasion.
You might be surprised at the interest level and you would have control of the timing .