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timetable / расписание, график
имя существительное
schedule, timetable, table, timing, syllabus, sked
schedule, chart, graph, timetable, plot, diagram
включать в расписание
schedule, sked, timetable
имя существительное
a chart showing the departure and arrival times of trains, buses, or planes.
The Mourne Rambler local bus service has made some minor alterations to its timetable with departure and arrival times varying slightly from the summer schedule.
schedule (something) to take place at a particular time.
German lessons were timetabled on Wednesday and Friday
I don't know what the timetable for the big event is yet though.
the timetable for a military coup
The following timetable will help plan a forcing schedule in order to have bulbs in flower at a given date.
The programme is an integral part of the festival, which is taking place this year from June 25 to July 3, helping to provide a timetable of the events.
As well as laying out the timetable of events, sales of programmes also raise funds for the festival committee.
The TV industry has a tight timetable for full roll-out next year, and a change of technology provider now would affect everyone from content providers to infrastructure players.
The events in the timetable will be more interesting and of a higher quality than in previous years.
He has chosen to create a sense of great purpose by setting a tight timetable for a new plan of action by July, taking personal charge in a way he has never done before with domestic policy.
The problem I have is that our continued presence without any real plan for a timetable there is fueling the insurgency.
More than 1,500 programmes are printed each year, helping to provide a timetable of events but also raise funds for the festival committee.