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timer / таймер, часы, хронометр
имя существительное
clock, watch, timepiece, timer, timekeeper, horologe
chronometer, timepiece, timer, timekeeper
имя существительное
an automatic mechanism for activating a device at a preset time.
a video timer
used to indicate how many times someone has done something.
for most first-timers the success rate is 45 percent
I set the timer and went into the living room to watch the TV.
a video timer
You see if I drop a coin, I have to take time to record the speed, and reset and reload the timer .
the challenge is to play the game with the timer
However can someone tell me, please, why every time you want to set the timer on your video they never coincide with each other?
But I'm so proud of myself for being able to use the video timer that I get the time wrong and tape two hours of daytime TV.
A timer kept record of how long you had left to live, ticking off the seconds.
To take a domestic example, how many over 35s know how to set a video timer ?
Season Two picks up exactly where the show left off, watching the timer drop.
I glanced up at the steel grey sky and lit a cigarette and started a timer , watching the seconds build.