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timepiece / часы, хронометр
имя существительное
clock, watch, timepiece, timer, timekeeper, horologe
chronometer, timepiece, timer, timekeeper
имя существительное
an instrument, such as a clock or watch, for measuring time.
This discovery led to the invention of the pendulum and various timepieces such as the Grandfather clock, but at the time Galileo could not explain it.
The direction of each transect was randomly chosen using the second-hand on a timepiece .
She had downloaded his file onto her watch before leaving, which doubled not only as a timepiece but also a data organizer.
Shoppers will no longer be stuck if they forget their watches after the traditional timepiece was erected in the High Street.
The father gave the son a watch; a magnificent timepiece , a one-off, worth upwards of £30,000.
You can also select ‘watch faces’ to change the look of your timepiece .
The second hand rotates and the clock ticks in this high-energy version of a traditional timepiece .
Speaking of which, if you do opt to wear your watch, keep your timepiece and bracelet on separate wrists.
Some chairman get a gold timepiece for clocking up 50 years with the same company.
A watch is more than just a timepiece the same way a car is more than just a method of transportation.
Most prefer personal timepieces (e.g. wristwatches) for documentation of routine care interventions.