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timely / своевременно
timely, in good time, early, opportunely, in due course, betimes
имя прилагательное
timely, opportune, early, seasonable, forehanded, timeous
имя прилагательное
done or occurring at a favorable or useful time; opportune.
a timely warning
The arrangement will seek to ensure the timely flow of collections from the dealer.
We are not trying to make GPs reduce referrals, but to encourage a more timely and appropriate care.
It seems it was no small task for their worker bees to get these up in a timely fashion.
In other words, a plot element should be deployed in a timely fashion and with proper dramatic emphasis.
This also serves as a timely reminder to all members that renewal of membership is now due.
She hopes it will serve as a timely warning because Scotland has an ageing population.
He hails from a middle class family and the sponsorship is very useful and timely .
Meanwhile, prayers are going up thick and fast for the film and its timely release.
I am looking to the Government to provide timely answers to ensure that people can sleep safe in their beds.
In the first case, a timely coup could be sufficient to avert an invasion.