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timeline / график
временная шкала
time scale, chronology
  • timeline of events - хронология событий
  • new timeline - новый срок
  • specific timeline - конкретный график
имя существительное
a graphic representation of the passage of time as a line.
When it comes to writing about the past, Val told Louise it's important to get the timelines of events right.
The addition of a timeline would have helped readers maintain their bearings.
We need to blend a timeline of events in America with those in Australia too.
The vicious rumour persists to this day, even though the timeline of events completely negates this possibility.
The papers, produced by the Executive's lawyers, include a detailed timeline of events.
This timeline contains some of the major events that affect Canadian biodiversity.
They divided up tasks and used their copious notes to follow the timeline of events.
The timeline above lists only those events that made it to the international press.
It is illustrated with cartoons and offers the reader a few simple charts, plus a timeline at the end of each chapter.
One of the most useful features of this book is the timeline of events following the last chapter.
Throughout the planning period, give each presenter specific timelines regarding his or her presentation.