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timeless / вечный, вневременный, несвоевременный
имя прилагательное
eternal, everlasting, perpetual, timeless, perennial, ageless
untimely, inopportune, undue, unseasonable, timeless, injudicious
имя прилагательное
not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.
antiques add to the timeless atmosphere of the dining room
This is Daniel at his very best, handling timeless favourites with consummate ease.
Part of this is due to the timeless quality not only of his work but of his wisdom.
Its timeless elegance is taking on new character with vibrant colours and tailored cuts.
But what I am concerned about are the things that are timeless , regardless of the age that we live in.
The movie went on to become a timeless classic, popular around the world.
These classic pieces are often timeless , never seem to go out of fashion and are easily adapted to the style of the season.
The effect is complete, a timeless story passed on to a new generation.
It's a great and powerful and moving picture because it's timeless and borderless.
He always manages to make a girl look gorgeous in a timeless and classical way.
This truly timeless Canadian classic is a piece of film to be seen again and again.