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timekeeper / табельщик, часы, хронометр
имя существительное
timekeeper, tableman
clock, watch, timepiece, timer, timekeeper, horologe
chronometer, timepiece, timer, timekeeper
имя существительное
a person who measures or records the amount of time taken, especially in a sports competition.
Bernie Ecclestone appointed us as the sport's official timekeepers .
a person regarded as being punctual or not punctual.
we were good timekeepers
It's a nice touch to say thanks to the people who make the game work: the timekeeper , the scorekeeper and the refs.
But the rudimentary nature of his timings and the lack of a second timekeeper to confirm the speed meant the locomotive's record-breaking status is still disputed by railway enthusiasts.
This time, because the clock had not been reset to three seconds, a horn blew from the timekeeper 's table before the Soviets made the long pass.
Harrison was born in the nearby village of Foulby and, after learning his trade in Yorkshire, became famous for inventing the first timekeeper accurate enough to determine longitude at sea.
After the first run over the measured kilometre, the timekeeper shouted, ‘Plus 47!’
One conscientious timekeeper would note these interruptions, as well as the reason for a worker's absence.
Meetings followed a structured agenda; roles of leader, timekeeper , and recorder were designated.
Falling exhausted across the finish line the official timekeeper handed him a slip of paper with the time 3.59.4.
I am a notoriously bad timekeeper , yet, through sheer paranoia, I have turned up at my daughter's school half-an-hour early.
While the process of perfecting Harrison's marine timekeeper went on in England, instrument makers in France were busy developing similar instruments.