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time-honoured / освященный веками
имя прилагательное
освященный веками
venerable, time-honored, time-honoured
Others saw it as the time-honoured custom of cashing-in from a band about to call it a day.
Oppression and intolerance continue in a time-honoured tradition.
In doing so, she joined in with a time-honoured tradition of musicians taking a stance against war.
The co-owners of the new brewery have just begun producing their own brand of ales, brewed to secret recipes in time-honoured tradition.
Opening an album with the strongest songs is a time-honoured practice.
In time-honoured tradition, it was a complete surprise, followed by a champagne reception for her family and colleagues.
However, one upstart Edinburgh-based investment boutique has been blowing these time-honoured traditions away.
Of course, there exists a long and time-honoured tradition of guitar duets.
Resources will then be allocated effectively in the time-honoured tradition of markets.
She prefers, in that time-honoured tradition of serious musicians, to let the music do the talking.