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time-consuming / трудоемкий, отнимающий много времени
имя прилагательное
laborious, operose, labour-consuming, labor-consuming, labour-intensive, time-consuming
отнимающий много времени
имя прилагательное
taking a lot of or too much time.
an extremely time-consuming process
Next, there are charitable grants to apply for - always a time-consuming process.
Treatments can be time-consuming and expensive and some warts are very difficult to eradicate.
As we have already noted, manual processes are both time-consuming and expensive.
Employers are busy people and wading through hundreds of CVs is a time-consuming process.
It's a very complicated, costly and time-consuming process and is not done haphazardly.
It is a time-consuming process that is prone to errors because of the many parameters.
Any judicial approach is bound to be unwieldy, time-consuming and subject to differing local regulations.
A court case is an intensive and time-consuming process, necessary in some cases but not all.
In the past, stained glass could only be inspected if scaffolding was erected and this was costly and time-consuming .
On the one hand, the process itself is protracted and time-consuming .