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timbuktu / Тимбукту
имя существительное
имя существительное
a town in northern Mali; population 35,600 (est. 2009). Formerly a major trading center for gold and salt on the trans-Saharan trade routes, it reached the height of its prosperity in the 16th century but fell into decline after its capture by the Moroccans in 1591.
They say that if you don't shut-up and listen they'll send you to Timbuktu .
Also, since you're not moving to Timbuktu or anything, you can always visit your old stomping grounds.
from here to Timbuktu
Her already far away eyes began to beat a swift path for Timbuktu .
If someone tells you they're going from here to Timbuktu you probably think they're on the road to nowhere.
You would hear the screams from here to Timbuktu .
from here to Timbuktu