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timbre / тембр
имя существительное
timbre, quality, color, colour
имя существительное
the character or quality of a musical sound or voice as distinct from its pitch and intensity.
trumpet mutes with different timbres
a voice high in pitch but rich in timbre
you must demonstrate your moral timbre as a human being
a voice high in pitch but rich in timbre
This changes both the timbres and the chords that are available to the violinist.
Different composers describe perceiving different colours with different keys, instrumental timbres , or harmonic structures.
The plainchant was delivered faultlessly, and gave a flavour of the complementary timbres of the male voices.
The difference between string timbres and percussion timbres is intentionally blunted here.
How did these women match their pitch, vibrato, and timbres with such precision?