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timberland / лесные участки
имя существительное
лесные участки
имя существительное
land covered with forest suitable or managed for timber.
Some are urging government agencies to acquire timberlands and manage them to maintain working forests.
More than 15 million acres of timberland in 30 states contain black walnut.
However, few studies have dealt with changes in timberland by ownership and forest type.
The boreal forest is a 600-mile-wide band of timberland stretching from approximately 300 miles north of the U.S. border to the treeline in the Arctic, and spanning the breadth of the country.
There's lots of national forest and private timberland around and no large communities close by.
They do everything from logging the trees on their extensive timberland to lining the caskets with white muslin.
Those bonds are backed by the value of the company's timberland .
thousands of acres of timberland
He has closed 32 paper and wood mills, cut 3,050 jobs, and sold off 4% of the company's timberland .
As of June 2001, it had sold nearly $2 billion worth of businesses and $500 million in timberland .
Much of the land in the still-wild northern half of Maine is timberland owned by paper companies, but it has come under increasing development pressure.