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timber / лесной, строевой
имя прилагательное
forest, timber, wood, woodland, woody, sylvan
combatant, combat, timber
имя существительное
timber, timbering
timber, bar, beam, cant, rod, block
log, beam, timber, block, stock, baulk
обшивать деревом
имя существительное
wood prepared for use in building and carpentry.
the exploitation of forests for timber
Building with timber results in lower greenhouse emissions and less air and water pollution, while it also produces less solid waste by-products.
We can grow twice as much timber on our land if the markets tell us to do so.
The rainforest is being cleared legally and illegally for timber , for pulp wood to make paper, and to make way for oil palm plantations.
Since only oak met the high requirements of strength and durability, oak timber became a strategic raw material.
In some places, great swathes of hillside have been cut away in the urgency to log timber .
At the rear of the stone building was a small timber extension with a range of further accommodation.
I definitely think he is presidential timber .
The timber buildings suffered from woodworm and supplied an ideal location for woodlice, spiders and wasps.
This comprises the aforementioned sauna as well as an attic room with timber floor, wood panelled walls and a Velux window.
A woman just will not be accepted as presidential timber in the current macho-male-dominated political environment.