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tilth / пашня, глубина вспашки, обработка почвы
имя существительное
arable, tillage, plow, tilth, plough
глубина вспашки
обработка почвы
tillage, tilth
имя существительное
cultivation of land; tillage.
Good soil tilth is still a prerequisite for effective one-pass incorporation.
Prepare the ground by digging in plenty of organic matter, work this into a fine tilth , level it, and lay out your plants.
Usually, a pass is made with a rolling cultivator to bust up the clods and make for a finer tilth .
The gap created by the jagged edge which is now further into the lawn should be filled with garden soil, sifted to a fine tilth .
It is glomalin that gives soil its tilth - a subtle texture that enables experienced farmers and gardeners to judge great soil by feeling the smooth granules as they flow through their fingers.
he could determine whether the soil was of the right tilth
So you'll be out in the garden with a spade for the rest of the day, working up a fine tilth , or whatever?
When the jungle was cleared out back and laid to turf I told the blokes to rotavate all the bulbs into the tilth and let them take their chances.
They reduce soil erosion, improve soil tilth , help reduce pesticide use, and enhance agricultural profitability.
he could determine whether the soil was of the right tilth