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tiller / румпель, культиватор, земледелец
имя существительное
tiller, helm
cultivator, tiller, rearer, extirpator
tiller, cultivator, agriculturist, agriculturalist
выбрасывать побеги
имя существительное
a horizontal bar fitted to the head of a boat's rudder post and used as a lever for steering.
To minimize maintenance, the only wood used in the entire boat is the tiller and the only opening to the area below deck is the companionway.
an implement or machine for breaking up soil; a plow or cultivator.
If your garden is large, a rotary tiller or cultivator with wheels is the most practical method of removing weeds from your garden.
a lateral shoot from the base of the stem, especially in a grass or cereal.
Three similar branches, shoots or tillers per plant were selected for the three treatments.
develop tillers.
Top stemmy swards and apply nitrogen to promote tillering .
If I can make it, I shall return tonight and have the tiller fixed by morning.
Down behind our house my father maintained a vegetable garden which, the main growing season having ended, he had been plowing under with his tiller for a couple of days.
A succinct and authoritative commentary on handling the tiller and self-balancing side rudder of such ships was given by Shetelig and Falk in 1937.
There's the main sheet (the rope which controls the main sail), the tiller (the steering stick), the jib (the front sail) and a lot more coloured rope.
The tiller can be easily removed to allow more useable space for entertaining while dockside or at anchor.
Steered with a tiller , Cayuga maxed out at six knots, well under the Canal's 10-mph speed limit.
The comparison is done many times each second with any deviation resulting in a correcting movement of the tiller or the wheel.
This could not be accomplished with a tiller ; we used a backhoe to get the job done.
Firmly he pushed the tiller away from him and steered the boat into the wind.
She glanced to the aft, where the Captain stood, one hand on the tiller , the other holding a spyglass to his eye.