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tiler / плиточник, мастер по кладке черепицы
имя существительное
мастер по кладке черепицы
имя существительное
a person who lays tiles.
a roof tiler
the doorkeeper of a Masonic lodge, who prevents outsiders from entering.
a roof tiler
The plasterboard went up a treat over the weekend, all I have to do now is to try and get it cleaned up and plastered this week before the tiler comes on Monday to lay the floor.
Virtually every roof tiler, vinyl layer and ceramic wall and floor tiler has been forced into bogus sub-contract arrangements.
Mr Hughes, a roof tiler , had stopped at the petrol station as he had a problem with his bike and went in to the shop.
A tiler was hired to help carry out the work and the mosaic was formed on brown paper.
I'm a tiler and went over as that but I did not lay a single tile all the time I was there.
Ronny became a tiler , a craft that requires a steady hand and a good sense of aesthetics and symmetry, no doubt useful traits for a bodybuilder as well.
The tiler is going to have to cut the tiles and your plan should show that any odd sizes are divided between the opposite sides of the room.
The stone seller will give advice and the builder or tiler who lays your flooring will quite often know very little about the product.
Mr Skipworth, a ceramic tiler , had only arrived in England a couple of months earlier having left his home in Australia to travel around Europe.