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tigress / тигрица
имя существительное
имя существительное
a female tiger.
But in this short time, a male can contribute more offspring to the population than the female by commanding the territories of several breeding tigresses .
Lori snapped, almost turning into a tigress again.
My earlier assumption of her likeness with a cat was wrong - she was definitely a tigress .
The founder of Wildlife Protection Society of India, she's quite a tigress herself when it comes to preserving wildlife
She crouched on a wide branch and peered down like a wild tigress .
She came from nowhere, leaping into their midst like a tigress , striking about her with the focused fury of total commitment and utmost desperation.
They depicted animals: a dog with puppies, a cat with kittens, a young elephant with his mother and a tigress carrying her cub in her mouth.
She ran her tongue over her front teeth, like a tigress about to eat dinner.
So protective were the tigress and the zoo staff about the young ones that they are yet to be photographed.
He paused, she looked like a tigress on the prowl, and briefly wondered if he should try and run through the crowds to avoid a public confrontation.
At night, a tigress silently stalks her prey - perhaps a deer - through dense cover until close enough for the final rush.