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tightwad / скряга, скупец
имя существительное
miser, hunks, curmudgeon, cheapskate, skinflint, tightwad
miser, curmudgeon, tightwad, clam, moneybags, skinflint
имя существительное
a mean or miserly person.
Sullivan, a notorious tightwad , got permission to use the character for free and it became the team's logo, appearing on everything from stationery to stock certificates.
Is a tightwad necessarily likely to serve you less food?
Just what is it that makes the stingiest people in Britain pinch the pennies to such extremes that they have won the unenviable moniker of tightwad ?
He portrays himself as a tightwad who is tight on the purse, spends nothing, drops taxes, and holds back on expenditure.
After a tension-filled pause, Benny, a notorious miser and tightwad , said, ‘I'm thinking, I'm thinking.’
I am a notorious tightwad and I will avoid paying for a haircut for as long as possible.
Actually, I do realise why - it's because I'm a complete tightwad .
Being economical and frugal is one thing, being a tightwad to the detriment of the investment we all have in living here is something else all together.
Stop being a tightwad and go to an internet cafe.
Fans of the hit TV show (so that's all of us, then) know what a greedy old tightwad Mr. Burns is.
After getting dumped by the evil tightwad as whined about in the previous post, I went out and took on some retail therapy.