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tightrope / туго натянутый канат, туго натянутая проволока
имя существительное
туго натянутый канат
туго натянутая проволока
имя существительное
a rope or wire stretched tightly high above the ground, on which acrobats perform feats of balancing.
a tightrope walker
walk or perform on a tightrope.
But as matters stand, Scotland are in limbo, consigned to treading a tightrope with players balancing jobs and sport.
She became a television presenter instead of a tightrope walker.
Does this sound like a balancing act on a tightrope ?
So the government is having to walk a tightrope here.
These include crossing a tightrope , a rope bridge, a swinging log, tyres, a tension traverse and a ‘crocodile pit’.
Sometimes, when moving along a large branch, or on the ground, they stand upright with their arms held high for balance, like a tightrope walker.
He has to walk a tightrope , not just one, but many, strung between all the many factions of this deeply divided nation.
a tightrope walker
he continues to walk a tightrope between success and failure
To write without thinking is to walk a tightrope with no net.