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tight-lipped / молчаливый, скрытный
имя прилагательное
silent, tacit, taciturn, mute, uncommunicative, tight-lipped
secretive, cagey, reserved, reticent, secret, tight-lipped
имя прилагательное
with the lips firmly closed, especially as a sign of suppressed emotion or determined reticence.
she stayed tight-lipped and shook her head
However, she was remaining tight-lipped on the identity of Limerick's newest millionaire.
The authorities here are extremely tight-lipped about how this investigation is going on.
But, they remain tight-lipped , to wait and silently revel in the king's stupidity.
Jones has remained tight-lipped about remarking on the English side ever since they arrived in New Zealand.
As with his magic secrets Gold remains tight-lipped about his next venture.
He remains tight-lipped over an 18-month internal investigation, which exonerated him.
But both organisations are keeping tight-lipped about the reasons for the doctor's suspension.
I had hoped many tight-lipped elite military officers would speak sincerely about their role in the riots.
But Vernon himself was yesterday tight-lipped about his wedding plans.
The organisers are staying tight-lipped about the findings.