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tiff / размолвка, стычка
имя существительное
spat, tiff, rift, misunderstanding, variance, pique
hassle, skirmish, encounter, engagement, brush, tiff
имя существительное
a petty quarrel, especially one between friends or lovers.
Joanna had a tiff with her boyfriend
имя существительное
a format for image files.
a TIFF image
Their tiff has all the characteristics of a domestic argument, with Rodriguez cast in the subservient ‘wife’ role.
I had a little tiff with my friend Lisa after the playwrights left in which I brought Brownies to Lisa's place and invited her to eat one.
You've got time for one extended joke or one lovers' tiff or one death or whatever.
Joanna had a tiff with her boyfriend
‘Ohhh, lovers' tiff ,’ Jason said dramatically, interrupting Morgan for the second time that afternoon.
What if it was just a tiff between two friends today?
The lovers' tiff seems inconsequential, except that you know it's not.
Then Marc Antony says, ‘Oh, we had a little tiff !’
And anyway, I'm sure they were only having a lovers' tiff !
Joanna had a tiff with her boyfriend