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tier / ярус, ряд, детский фартук
имя существительное
tier, storey, stage, circle, floor, story
series, range, row, variety, line, tier
детский фартук
dickey, dicky, tier
располагать ярусами
tier, tier up
имя существительное
a row or level of a structure, typically one of a series of rows placed one above the other and successively receding or diminishing in size.
a tier of seats
a tier of seats
What are the societal consequences of creating a two- tier medical system?
a tier of seats
Having arrived at the final 40, they assigned each to one of four tiers, and debated the ranking within each tier .
Meg took it and drank slowly, careful not to spill any on her dress, while Mrs. Carroll fretted around the pair, nervously fidgeting with the bottom tier of the gown.
The Rows are double-decker layers of shops, one tier on the street level, the others stacked on top and connected by a footway.
Apart from the social tier , I wonder if there are any other differences?
We wanted to see how we could pull out costs at the buyer tier of the three-tier system.
These schools would compose the bottom tier of an educational hierarchy based on privilege.
However, she seemed to have forgotten the lower tier of her shirt.