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tie-in / принудительный ассортимент
имя существительное
принудительный ассортимент
имя существительное
a connection or association.
there's a tie-in to another case I'm working on
Not only will the students and community volunteers be working to revitalize the area, they will be paying attention to specific aspects from an environmental standpoint, hence the tie-in with Earth Day.
The trend is probably epitomised by the tendency for sponsors to film their tie-in commercials for a movie at the same time and on the same set as the movie itself.
There may be a significant tie-in here between the looming war with Iraq and the threats we're picking up in intelligence intercepts.
For high-profile Hollywood films, a tie-in with The History Channel or Discovery has become almost mandatory.
It has long been noted that rent controls, or price controls generally, induce tie-in sales to avoid the controlled price.
Another issue raised by the independence/dependence distinction is a possible tie-in between the Great Depression and dependent-managed central banks.
This behavior explains how one firm with a head start can use tie-in sales and other behavior to prevent generic complementary products from being developed.
With respect to Lariam, we don't have any evidence that suggests that there is a tie-in between suicides and the use of the medication.
there's a tie-in to another case I'm working on
Oh, and a tie-in book and various bits of merchandise, so there seems to be an audience for it.