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tie-dye / tie-краситель
dye (a garment or piece of cloth) by tying parts of it to shield it from the dye.
She picked out a pair of jean shorts and a purple tie-dyed shirt.
имя существительное
a method of producing textile patterns by tying parts of the fabric to shield it from the dye.
tie-dye T-shirts
Diana had guessed that Matlock decided that white just wouldn't cut it because Matlock had then gone on to tie-dye the once-white undershirt.
tie-dye T-shirts
a tie-dye top
With textiles I might tie-dye a piece of cloth or draw on to it and add glue.
It was tie-dyed in a ridiculous pattern of yellow, red, blue, and green.
She picked out a pair of jean shorts and a purple tie-dyed shirt.
They ate granola, believed in peace and love, and tie-dyed everything they could get their hands on.
Wince at those flared trousers and that tie-dyed t-shirt from your hippie days.
Silk threads are tie-dyed , then woven on a loom to create soft-edged designs for curtains, clothing, and other uses.
She was wearing a kilt that morning, a wrap of heavy pleated material belted at her waist and colored in a green and brown tie-dyed pattern.