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tidewater / приливная вода, подверженный действию приливов
имя существительное
приливная вода
подверженный действию приливов
имя прилагательное
seaside, maritime, sea, littoral, seaboard, tide-water
имя существительное
water brought or affected by tides.
Mount Garibaldi is only 20 km from tidewater at the head of Howe Sound.
имя существительное
coastal regions of eastern Virginia where tidal water flows up the Potomac, Rappahannock, York, James, and smaller rivers. Early-17th-century British settlement was focused here.
The Virginia tidewater region and the coastal south were also settled largely by the Scots-Irish.
The original settlers, such as the Jefferson family, moved westward because families like theirs planted tobacco in tidewater Virginia and exhausted the soil.
Visitors will also find historic breeds of animals and crops typical of tidewater Virginia.
Within a year he had moved into the house and for the next fifty-two years oversaw one of the most successful tidewater plantations in Virginia.
You'll kayak through a maze of fjords and tidal channels and through the ice-encrusted Cordillera Darwin and the most active tidewater glaciers in the world.
In this remote tidewater county where African Americans outnumbered whites, Turner and a group of slaves killed more than fifty whites over a two-day period.
Hubbard Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in North America.
The tidewater , with its old colonial heritage, held a symbolic place as the state's most influential region, but by 1860 it held neither the most people nor the most wealth.
One bay had one tidewater glacier, one had two, and two had five each (College and Harriman fjords).
American Black Ducks are historically found in forested wetlands, tidewater areas, and coastal marshes of eastern North America.