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tiddly / махонький, навеселе, поддатый
имя прилагательное
tipsy, exhilarated, merry, tight, jolly, tiddly
screwy, boozy, tipsy, screwed, screwed up, tiddly
tiny, wee, tiny little, minute, teensy, tiddly
tipsy, screwed, exhilarated, moony, screwed up, tiddly
имя прилагательное
slightly drunk.
Oddly enough I found my hotel quite easily last night whilst slightly tiddly , but then got completely lost this morning.
I came in at 11.30, off the last bus, having been in the pub since I finished work at 4, so slightly tiddly .
I only had a Diamond White and a double Southern Comfort, but I got pretty tiddly .
The next step was a moving ceremony before a fetid room of tiddly students.
He broke out the smokes and a bottle of wine, and we spent the rest of the evening ‘apologising’ to him, watching football on French TV until we were very tiddly indeed.
After lunch, he would arrive - often somewhat tiddly - at Tatler's offices in Hanover Square, where lately he worked from three until four each afternoon.
We even managed to squeeze in a bit of a party at the end of our visit when we all went to a saki bar and got tiddly .
This was not the case of the person who seemed to be laughing a lot, inquiring whether that was because they were tiddly or whether they were simply in high spirits.
We stayed on the dance floor and I was a bit tiddly by then so didn't mind everyone seeing that my dancing had not improved over the years.
Slightly tiddly , I mentioned my Neil Diamond thing.
We shot a lot of video that night, but these clips are from late in the evening, after much of that licorice-flavored liquor had been consumed, and we're both a mite tiddly .