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tidal / приливный, приливно-отливный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
of, relating to, or affected by tides.
the river here is not tidal
There are strong tidal currents in the area as well as mud, which can trap waders and swimmers.
It was a tidal bay, so twice a day you would be left with a small tidal river.
In the present case it was common ground that there is a public right of navigation throughout the tidal waters of the estuary.
A tidal river, its current is swollen both from the teeming heavens and from the surging ocean.
I have regularly used these floats on tidal waters to fish high tides with good results.
At this time of year, monsoons in the area cause tidal surges and high waves.
The port developed around a large tidal lagoon protected by a sand bar.
Officers standing on the shore could hear his cries but dared not enter the water because of the dangerous tidal currents.
Diving here is not that difficult, as there is almost no tidal water and the currents are mostly weak.
Because of its location east of the Isle of Wight, tidal currents make diving tricky.