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ticklish / щекотливый, деликатный, смешливый
имя прилагательное
ticklish, sensitive, delicate, tender, spiny, scabrous
delicate, sensitive, considerate, tender, ticklish, queasy
risible, ticklish
difficult, hard, tough, tight, arduous, ticklish
risky, perilous, precarious, dicey, dangerous, ticklish
имя прилагательное
sensitive to being tickled.
Lhasa apsos are ticklish on their feet
(of a situation or problem) difficult to deal with; requiring careful handling.
her skill in evading ticklish questions
‘You're ticklish ,’ he exclaimed, seemingly proud of this discovery.
‘Ah ok’, he seemed satisfied with the answer, ‘are you ticklish ?’
Jessi and Taylor and Luke are all just as ticklish !
In addition, there is the ticklish problem of reparations.
On the subject of ID cards: it seems that the majority of people to whom I have spoken on this ticklish subject do not want to be controlled.
My wife is very ticklish , especially around the neck.
‘In terms of the allegations, this is a very ticklish situation, and what we are trying to do is get all the available opinions, including some legal advice,’ he said.
However suspiciously we might regard cricket administrators, there is reason enough to believe that this change is a sincere and honest attempt at solving one of the most chronic and ticklish problems the game has faced.
‘I forgot how ticklish you are,’ he laughed devilishly.
I am ticklish and any contact could make me laugh.