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ticker / тиккер, маятник, сердце
имя существительное
ticker, chopper
pendulum, balance, bob, balance wheel, ticker, swing of the pendulum
heart, core, soul, bosom, ticker
имя существительное
a watch.
The club's annual Christmas Fair will take place in the Castlecourt Hotel on the 2nd December and tickers will be on sale at €10.
A ticker symbol is the unique identification that stock exchanges worldwide give each company.
Yesterday was another day, and although the line-up has looked decidedly weak since David Bowie developed problems with his ticker , there was still plenty for every taste.
If you look at a stock ticker , you will see something called a ‘bid’ price and an ‘ask’ price. The bid price is the highest price that someone is willing to pay for the stock.
He said, ‘I've got a dodgy ticker - or had previously’.
When, two years ago, Mortimer gave us Rumpole Rests His Case, with its last story featuring our hero being carted off horizontal with a dodgy ticker , there was much lamenting.
The cybercafé at Stockley Park has a kitchen and lounge with a television, a news ticker , and colorful iMacs for free Web surfing.
There is a ticker on the organization's website which states the disturbing statistic that a police officer commits suicide every 22 hours in the United States.
The news ticker at the bottom sped across the screen.
Overall, flavors in dairy products continue to be a ticker worth watching as an indication of how to give consumers the flavors they desire in new and innovative products.
The ticker works perfectly well, telling the time in the normal way - except that the second hand runs backwards.