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tick / тик, клещ, галочка
имя существительное
teak, tick, tic, ticking, drill
mite, tick, acarus, harvest mite, acarid, harvest bug
check, tick
делать отметку
tick, mark, tick off
отмечать 'птичкой'
имя существительное
a regular short, sharp sound, especially that made by a clock or watch.
In a sport in which the times are measured in hundredths of a second, she beat Giove, who took second, by 20 ticks of the clock.
a check mark.
A map of the Urus-Martan area is black from ticks and marks indicating ordnance.
the smallest recognized amount by which a price of a security or future may fluctuate.
If you want to further refine the trailing buy stop technique, you can lower your buy order the next day to the level one tick above the latest price bar.
a parasitic arachnid that attaches itself to the skin of a terrestrial vertebrate from which it sucks blood, leaving the host when sated. Some species transmit diseases, including tularemia and Lyme disease.
It takes 24 hours for a tick to transmit Lyme disease, so rapid removal is important.
on credit.
If you buy it on tick it'll be worn out before you've finished paying for it.
(of a clock or other mechanical device) make regular short sharp sounds, typically one for every second of time that passes.
I could hear the clock ticking
mark (an item) with a check mark, typically to show that it has been chosen, checked, approved, or dealt with.
just tick the appropriate box below
Those stopped in the street and asked if they are ‘minded to make a big purchase’ will continue to tick the box marked ‘no’.
to buy sth on tick
just tick the appropriate box below
She watched the plastic hands tick off each second.
Participants were asked to explain why they had never used the Internet via a basic tick box.
The paper then comes back with a tick or a cross on it and nothing more!
The tick of this pulsar clock is very regular, a sharp pulse every 0.059 second.
The use of the hyphen to divide words at the ends of lines of text dates from the 14c, and evolved from a marginal tick or check mark used to show that the final word of a line was not complete.
tick the appropriate boxes
In the second half, gas prices may well tick up again, especially with crude oil closing in on $43 per barrel on July 28.