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tic / тик
имя существительное
teak, tick, tic, ticking, drill
имя существительное
a habitual spasmodic contraction of the muscles, most often in the face.
In contrast, complex motor tics usually involve more muscle groups.
Right now a spasmodic tic in his leg at the wrong time could get him killed.
You thought that his cannibalism was some sort of weird tic , something he tried struggling with but just ended up accepting.
Oddly, the quality of the recording is stellar in contrast to the rest of the album's material, and every vocal tic and nuance is instantly palpable.
That unfortunate verbal tic doesn't invite confidence, but I would willingly defend the bulk of what Pilger has had to say in recent years.
they've developed a verbal tic which involves repeating odd bits of each other's utterances
This is exemplified by the case of a patient who had a facial tic and eczema around the mouth.
On the whole, I think he's doing a lot that I personally like in this book, but there is one particular tic I really hate.
Kerry is displaying his most annoying tic : insisting that he's being clear and precise when he's fuzzing over everything.
As I watched, he started to display another characteristic tic - smiling and giving her a lazy wink.
One stylistic tic Macklin practices in many poems is the refusal to choose the precise word she wants, yoking alternatives with a slash.