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thwack / бить, колотить
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, thwack
pound, beat, bash, baste, whack, thwack
имя существительное
сильный удар
swipe, slog, whack, bang, hard blow, thwack
имя существительное
a sharp blow.
he hit it with a hefty thwack
strike forcefully with a sharp blow.
she thwacked the back of their knees with a cane
The latest heavyweight report investigating pay inequalities between the genders landed last week, with a huge thwack , on news editors' desks up and down the country.
he hit it with a hefty thwack
He landed with a sickening thwack on the hard pavement but miraculously was unhurt.
The thwack should have been an early wake-up call but the Minstermen continued to stumble and fumble thereafter.
Sir Michael Peat has been described as the prince's right-hand man, leaving me to think that Charles should be using his left hand to give him a good thwack about the head.
The nice thwack of the club hitting the ball is one of the few, if only, notable effects.
Perhaps a well-timed thwack with a swatter works?
Racquet connected with ball with an almighty thwack .
Then the thwack of 700 pages hitting the floor jolted me awake again.
Sitting at the computer I saw something large and dark fall past my peripheral vision followed by a dull thwack .