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thunderstruck / как громом пораженный, ошеломленный, оглушенный
имя прилагательное
как громом пораженный
overwhelmed, bemused, dumbfounded, aghast, taken aback, thunderstruck
имя прилагательное
extremely surprised or shocked.
they were thunderstruck by this revelation
I sat there for a few seconds, staring thunderstruck at the blotchy, indistinguishable patches on my page that had once represented words, and very important ones at that.
Ryder, who was pouring more tea, looked thunderstruck .
Far too often of late, thunderstruck Democrats have obligingly laid down to be rolled over.
But the Corinthian women's thunderstruck responses to their sister's havoc is an element integral to the play, a brake which slows and accentuates the impending tragedy.
So, today, I had a thunderstruck few minutes when I entered the bookshop, comprehending just how much chaff has been created by Dan Brown's bloody book.
The group halted, thunderstruck , in the doorway, all five mouths hanging open in horror.
I stood there in shock, thunderstruck , trying to remember what I was supposed to do.
If I had been speechless before, I was totally thunderstruck now.
We were all thunderstruck by that brazen manipulation of the truth.
Prim, proper and oh so reserved, Broadbent's Gilbert is prickly to be sure but he well conveys the thunderstruck quality of when inspiration hits.